It's time to get together, talk about money, figure out your finances, and get on track. These five lesson plans are designed to get you thinking about values, spending habits, investments, and how money affects relationships.


Your Children

When kids learn about responsible money management at a young age, the lessons will pay dividends throughout their lifetime.

Be a Money Mentor and help your child:

  • Be independent and self sufficient
  • Make informed decisions and choices
  • Use good judgment and look at consumption in a realistic way
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge to be financially secure

In this lesson you will discover the importance of talking to your children early to help them develop good money management habits. You will also identify a goal and set up a saving strategy to reach this goal.

Your Significant Other

Whatever the issue, communication is key to any relationship. This is especially true when it comes to money.

Can you think of a time you and your partner had a disagreement about money? Oftentimes not communicating clearly on your financial values can cause unnecessary tension in a relationship. And sometimes just opening up the lines of communication can help correct this.

This lesson will help you understand the importance of, and the difficulties associated with, initiating a money related discussion with your spouse, partner or significant other. You will discuss possible strategies to consider, or strategies that have worked for you in the past.