It's time to get together, talk about money, figure out your finances, and get on track. These five lesson plans are designed to get you thinking about values, spending habits, investments, and how money affects relationships.

Download Lesson Plan #1

Have you ever thought about your values and how they relate to money?

If you value freedom and spontaneity, you may be more apt to spend your cash on dining out and impulse purchases. If you value security, you are likely an avid saver. Or, you may value both freedom and security, which will likely cause you stress. It’s difficult to balance values and your relationship with money, but being aware of your values will help paint a picture of your priorities.

In this lesson you will discover which of your personal values are most important to you and work to develop personal budgeting habits. You’ll also begin to understand the link between personal values and how you manage your money.

Video #1 - Values & Attitude